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Remains of cone-like fruit of tuliptree, may persist through winter
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Photo showing pale color on underside and distinctive shape of tuliptree leaf(160 KB)

tree blossoms - closeup
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Closeup of individual tulip tree blossom
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multiple tulip tree blossoms
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tulip tree full view
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      (Liriodendron tulipifera

This photograph was taken in late summer 2001. The tree was located on the south side of the Visitor's Center at Morton Arboretum. It was one of my favorites, and was unfortunately one of the many trees that were removed during the 2003-2004 construction at Morton Arboretum. I was surprised to find that there are several other Tulip trees near the Visitor's Center, that I'd never noticed. They're nice trees, but their branches aren't as low to the ground and my heart remains with this one.


This picture, along with several other of my Tuliptree and Ohio Buckeye Photos appear in

TCM3045-The Fifty States Multimedia Collection CD a resource for K-12 teachers and students compiled by Teacher Created Materials.
(Liriodendron tulipifera)Tuliptree