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My goal in creating this page is to create a list of sites that will serve as a "jumping off point"
for teachers who design curriculum based, computer centered projects to be produced by
students students.

 Tammy's Tech Tips extensive site that includes lesson plans, rubrics and other helpful items
to help you create  your own computer projects. Highlights projects using  Kid Pix,
HyperStudio and Claris Works.

 Math Forum - Suzanne Alejandre: Tessellations  detailed instructions for creating tessellations
using a variety of programs such as HyperCard, HyperStudio and Claris Works. PC and
Mac. Once you understand the concept you can use this technique to make nearly seamless
backgrounds for web pages.

 Puzzlemaker create a variety of puzzles including word searches, crosswords, mazes, math
squares and more. These can then be used in any way you choose, even on your own

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