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These  school pages offer one or more of the following:

 Fairland Elementary School Home Page many samples of student technology projects, two of
my favorite are listed below. You will also find notes entitled "How We Did This" and notes on how to convert Kid Pix projects for use on the web.
 Frog Research Project, 4th grade (1997)
 Fifth Grade Native American Commemorative Stamps  students designed stamps and web pages for Native American unit. Each student had a different topic and each page includes stamp and a paragraph about the topic.

Daniel Elementary School  Kent, Washtington - nice selection of student projects using a variety of programs. Some HyperStudio projects to be viewed online and will need the HyperStudio Plug-in, they give the link to download it.

Ardis Elementary School  Ypsilanti, Michigan - be sure to see their virtual tour of their town.

Mill Street School   Naperville, Illinois - here the virtual tour holds samples of student work down originally in HyperCard or HyperStudio. All have been converted to html so that you can see them on line without any plugins.

Booth Tarkington School

Pocantico Hills School  Sleepy Hollow, New York - There are many good pages at this site, but be sure to see
Harriet Tubman and The Underground Railroad for Children well designed site that includes
character sketches, quiz, lesson plans and much more.Be sure to check out the timeline that
was created in  Kid Pix.and the crossword puzzle that was created using the   Puzzlemaker site.

Carl Ben Eielson Elementary School   Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota - Take a look at their  Faces in the Flood pictures and dialog about how the Flood of '97 affected the people of the area.

 Edison Elementary School - Minot, North Dakota The pages on this site have a long load time because they have large graphics, but there is a good section on Thomas Alva Edison  including links to other Edison sites.

 McCaw Elementary School  Henderson, NV  - This one is really different from the rest that I've listed because there is a mine attatched to the school which serves as a hand-son introduction to mining for students. Includes floor plans and lesson plans.

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