Using Rubrics to Evaluate Student Technology Projects

The following pages contain rubrics that you might find helpful as a starting place for making your own rubrics. Although some are quite specific, they may suggest words or design styles that will be helpful to you in designing your own rubrics.
  Here are some of my rubrics:
Rubric for owl pellet lesson.

Rubric for owl unit HyperStudio Stack.

You can view other parts of the lesson at

Rubric for Hyperstudio stack and links to California content writing standards and other rubrics

Rubric for on Alphabet of Michigan HyperStudio stack and links to some lesson plans.

Best Practices of Technology in Michigan - Links to assessment tools and information about asessment in general. Many useful resources for teachers. Many of these pages require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Rubric for frog HyperStudio stack (lesson plan included)


Germantown Academy - Rubric for Multimedia Presentation (this is a nicely done school site)

Check out Kathy Schrock's page for links to sites with rubrics and sites that give detailed information on creating rubrics.

Search the Internet

Find more rubrics on your own. Go to a search engine such as Google and try some of the following as your search terms:

Hyperstudio rubric webpage rubric technology rubric

Don't use quotation marks, just type the two words in the search block. Unfortunately, you'll get thousands of hits, but send me the ones that you find to be most helpful, and I'll include them here.


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