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These are links to computer based activities for elementary students.

Tammy's Tech Tips -extensive site that includes lesson plans, rubrics and other helpful items to help you create  your own computer projects. Highlights projects using  Kid Pix, HyperStudio and Claris Works.

Fairland Elementary School Home Page  many samples of student technology projects, two of my favorite are listed below.

 Frog Research Project, 4th grade (1997)
 Fifth Grade Native American Commemorative Stamps  students designed stamps and web pages for Native American unit. Each student had a different topic and each page includes stamp and a paragraph about the topic.
Math Forum - Suzanne Alejandre: Tessellations  detailed instructions for creating tessellations using a variety of programs such as HyperCard, HyperStudio and Claris Works. PC and Mac. Once you understand the concept you can use this technique to make nearly seamless backgrounds for web pages.

 Harriet Tubman and The Underground Railroad for Children   well designed site that includes character sketches, quiz, lesson plans and much more.Be sure to check out the timeline that was created in  Kid Pix.and the crossword puzzle that was created using the  Puzzlemaker site.

 Puzzlemaker  create a variety of puzzles including word searches, crosswords, mazes, math squares and more. These can then be used in any way you choose, even on your own website.


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