Owl HyperStudio Samples

Through individual research, students became experts on a topic related to the Spotted Owl and its disappearance from the Old Growth Forest. Students were challenged to create an expository paragraph summarizing thier research information. This paragraph became the basis for their HyperStudio stack. Students were then able to draw a picture that depicted their summary. Following are samples of three expert topics: habitat, appearance and life cycle.

Spotted owls live in the old growth forest in the Pacific Northwest. Some trees in the forest include Douglas fir and hemlock. Many types of animals that live in the old growth forest such as birds, rodents, fox, salmon and porcupines.

The male owl is larger than the female owl. The talons are very sharp so that an owl can easily catch its prey.

The life cycle begins with an egg. As many as eleven eggs may be laid but they do not all hatch. When an owl is 12 months old it is an adult.

Unit designed by: Lisa Connell, Bev Johnson and Karren Wcisel - Spring, 1997

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