Owl HyperStudio Lesson Plan

Learner objectives: Students will be able to create a HyperStudio stack. Materials: computer
expository paragraph
original hand drawing to be used in stack
computer instruction cards
Skills: Stack design, mouse skills, drawing tools, keyboarding, text fields, button linking Evaluation: Peer and teacher editing of the storyboards for content and mechanical errors and to see that requirements of rubric are met.

Lesson Sequence:

Precomputer activity - to be completed prior to lab sessions
  1. Guided viewing of second grade animal HyperStudio stacks. Students may remember or should be able to figure out that stacks included: habitat, diet, physical description, locomotion.
  2. Discuss creating HyperStudio stack using owl research. Brainstorm content. Decide how groups will be formed.
  3. Distribute and demonstrate the use of a storyboard and flowchart as graphic organizers.
  4. Discuss kinds of things that are needed (text, graphics, links, sound).
  5. Distribute and discuss rubric.
  6. Divide students into groups for stacks.
  7. Groups work to design cards, pictures and title card. Content will come from expository paragraphs.
Lab sessions
  1. Demo - Review getting started. Include making fields and buttons, selecting appropriate drawing tool, line thickness. Remind students that sounds and button links will be done after graphic and text items are completed. Remind to save often. Work is to be done in the following order:
    • Type text
    • Draw pictures
    • Create buttons
    • Add sounds
    • Add links
  2. Distribute cards with instructions for making fields and buttons.
  3. Work on stacks. Students will be paired in advance, but only one student works at a time.
  4. Teacher will be in the computer area and will give technical guidance and encouragement.The storyboard should be followed closely.
  5. Students will not be creating content or design "on the fly"
  6. Combine individual cards into group stacks.
  7. Link buttons
  8. Edit stacks
  9. Students will score own stack using Rubric
  10. Students will view and score stacks of others using Rubric.
  11. Students will have time to make corrections, if need, to correct items mentioned on rubric
  12. Sharing of stacks with parents.

Unit designed by: Lisa Connell, Bev Johnson and Karren Wcisel - Spring, 1997

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